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The Philadelphia Black Giving Circle (PBGC) aims to leverage collective resources from diverse donors to support non-profit organizations undertaking impactful work in the Black community.


A Giving Circle is when individuals come together around a common issue or cause and pool their collective charitable dollars to have greater impact. Nationally, Giving Circles have emerged as a growing philanthropic trend among donors of all sizes and backgrounds.


Philadelphia Black Giving Circle Creation and History

How did The Philadelphia Black Giving Circle get started? Well, like all things, it started with a vision…

In 2015, a few members of the Philadelphia Black Philanthropic Network (Philly BPN) and other Black non-profit leaders imagined creating a vehicle for supporting Black-led non-profits and programs and projects aimed at supporting issues effecting the Black community. Intuitively, they sensed that Black-led non-profit organizations often had fewer resources than their White counterparts. Their hunch was confirmed one year later when the African-American Forum released its report on the state of Black-led nonprofits in Philadelphia. The report showcased an obvious discrepancy between the resources given to non-profits led by Blacks versus Whites. Thus, the initial idea was cemented and a giving circle was formed with the original few from Philly BPN and other Black non-profit leaders as well as other professionals in the philanthropic community.


The Philadelphia Black Giving Circle's mission is to cultivate charitable giving within the Black community, build capacity and financial sustainability of Black-led non-profits, and address the most pressing needs facing the Black community in the Greater Philadelphia region.



  • Make a difference in the Black community in Philadelphia by contributing monetary resources to non-profit organizations that serve this community
  • Encourage community among ourselves and those we serve
  • Educate and increase awareness of needs of non-profit organizations that serve the Black community
  • Encourage effective philanthropy and giving within Philadelphia's Black community
  • Promote volunteerism among the Black community in Philadelphia
  • Build a network that is a catalyst for positive change



This giving circle will leverage our collective resources to encourage philanthropy and community service that impacts the Black community in Philadelphia. Through the power of cooperative giving, members will be able to pool their financial contributions to support meaningful and lasting solutions. While our focus is on supporting Philadelphia’s black community, we welcome and encourage any individual, no matter ethnicity, to support our collective effort.  Our community’s fabric is diverse and every individual thread is needed to drive solutions. We welcome you.


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